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Fostering in Cheshire

Fostering in Cheshire with Excel FosteringLocal authorities in Cheshire East and Cheshire West are looking for more foster homes which means that we at Excel Fostering are seeking more carers. There is a particular need for people who can provide loving homes to sibling groups and older children.

While there are other types of foster care, it is worthwhile to focus on these two as they are the more common requests for placement. It has been shown that approximately one-third of looked after youngsters are separated from their siblings. Because studies have demonstrated that kids fare better when they can remain together with their brothers and sisters, Excel is seeking foster carers who can help avoid having children being separated from their siblings.

When you express a desire to become a carer, the first question asked is if you have a separate bedroom for the child. Every child over the age of three must have his or her own bedroom. However, if the room is large enough, it is possible for young siblings of the same gender to share a bedroom. Sharing a bedroom can provide comfort and security because they are with someone they know and love. Because with a sibling group, you may need two or three spare rooms, we are anxious to have people with extra space get in contact with us to discuss fostering. 

More than half of the country’s looked after children are 10 years or older and more than 20% are 16 years old and over. This is a fascinating age. They are approaching adulthood, and many begin to look for answers about what will take place next in their lives. The road ahead stretches out full of promise and potential. This is also a time when sexuality is a major focus of their lives. Young women in care are more than twice as likely to become pregnant before they are 19 years old than are young women not in care. 

Teenagers turn to their friends for their social life and their peer group is a huge influence in the choices they make. Having more foster parents in Cheshire gives these older kids the opportunity to remain in their peer group with the friends who are a significant factor in their happiness. Being able to attend their regular school and remain in close proximity to their usual friends are great advantages.

If you have have a spare bedroom (or three) in your home for siblings or older children, have no serious convictions, and are in good health, you are in an excellent position to begin the process of becoming a foster carer and joining our team of caring and loving families. You do not need to own your house. Renters are welcome to apply. A stable home is what is important. You can make a difference in the future of the youngsters in your area. Our allowance is generous. It covers the cost of providing for all the needs of the looked after children and young people in your home as well as rewarding you for your skills. And we have access to a number of local venues that ensure we can deliver local training and advice, as well as responsive network of social workers who are always on hand to answer your questions. 

For more information please contact our office on 01253 712734 or complete the enquiry form below.

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